Trademark Protection
and Trademark Watch Service

After you obtain a trademark registration it is important to monitor your trademark. StrongMarks’ trademark monitoring service provides you with the protection you need. As an owner of a trademark you need to be aware of potentially conflicting marks that others may be using or attempting to register. For example, another person or entity may be using a mark that may infringe your trademark.

This infringement may entitle you to obtain an injunction against use of the mark that infringes your registered trademark, lost profits, damages, costs and, in some instances, attorney’s fees and triple the amount of your damages. Further, competitors may seek to register the same or similar mark, which would allow you to oppose, and block, your competitor’s trademark registration.

In addition, trademark registration will be lost unless a statement of use, and preferably a declaration of incontestability, is filed between 5 to 6 years after the initial trademark registration. A trademark must also be renewed after each 9 to 10 year period after the mark has been registered.

StrongMarks’ trademark monitoring service handles all these considerations. The fee for this service is $500 per year.